CASE Association


One of the more complex question when CASE LAB was founded was the access on evenings. Almost everyone in the work group have had experience from Chalmers Robotics. The ability to use all tools and machines for your own project was important. The work group read almost every charter from other association at Chalmers to try to find an optimal solution. The hardest part was the restriction on membership. If CASE would be a part of Mechanical Engineer, the association would have to have 50 percent mechanical engineer students. The only place that would have been acceptable would been the student union. During that time the makerspace at Lindholmen had just started and the student union didn't want another makerspace association to start up.

Since there was nowhere the association would work together with CASE LAB the work group went back their own program and a plan to have the association under Automation and Mechatronic (Z) started. A discussion with their board started and after a year the work group together with Z's board the association was now a part of Z. There have been a lot of changes in Z's charter to make the association open for everyone at Chalmers. The restrictions is very low and the closeness to Z's and CASE LABs founder, Petter Falkman, made this choise maybe the best.

CASE Association was founded in late 2018. The board have had a lot of discussions how an association would work toghether with CASE LAB.